How It Works

1Design Your Invitation

Design your invitation by selecting a Pozvat design you love, and enter in all the basics. Then add specialized details unique to your event – after all, the devil’s in the details, right? Add special instructions, a dress code, or an accomodation message to politely tell your guests that there “isn’t enough cake” for unannounced friends, children, or pets. See examples.

2Create a Wish List

Create a wish list by using our unique Group Funded Gifting, which allows guests to contribute any amount to any gift. Then add gifts that you (or your Guest of Honor) really want or need, regardless of the price! You can create a fund, link to a gift online, or add the gift details manually. This works similar to a funding website, you will receive money for the gifts you’ve requested. Learn more.

3Invite Your Guests

Invite your guests by simply entering in their email addresses. We offer many RSVP options to make even the most seasoned party planner's big day go smooth. You can remove "maybe," set a max number of (+1s), or set an RSVP deadline to gently remind forgetful folks to respond in timely manner.

4Send a Thank You Card

Send a thank you card. Once the bash is over, you still have the daunting task of sending out thank you cards. Pozvat is here to take care of it for you since we know which guests contributed to your gifts. It’s time to forget about those illegible, crazy-making, handwritten lists of the past! Create a thank you card by selecting a design, date for delivery, and personalize it with a custom photo. Boom - your party planning is done! See examples.