Group Funded Gifting

What is Group Funded Gifting?

What makes our unique Group Funded Gifting awesome is that guests can contribute any amount to any gift. This allows friends and family to easily contribute money towards pricey gifts and can turn what would have otherwise been 9 small gifts into 1 big gift.

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How do I get the gift contributions?

Our Group Funded Gifting works similar to a funding website where you or a recipient of your choice will receive the money contributed toward the gifts requested. Pozvat uses WePay to securely process gift contributions. After the Host creates an event, the selected recipient will receive an email from WePay to confirm the account. After confirmation, the recipient is good-to-go to withdraw the contributions. Learn more.

How do I add gifts?

You can create a fund, link to a gift found online, or manually enter the gift details. See samples.

{Create a Fund}

Create a fund and collect contributions towards an experience or a pricey gift. You can also personalize the name, photo, and description.

Add Fund

{Enter the Gift Details Manually}

Add a gift manually by entering the name, description, and a photo of your choice.

Add Gift

{Enter the Link for the Gift}

Copy and paste the URL for a gift found online. What’s the URL? That's fancy tech talk for the link in your browser.

Add Gift Online

Perfect for birthdays and graduations!

This is what inspired the founder to create Pozvat! You can create a Wish List and add something special for the Guest of Honor. Eg: A new bike, an iPad, soccer camp, senior trip, or a college fund. We have even seen a designer shoe fund for a milestone birthday. View samples.

Enriching lives one celebration at a time...

Our Group Funded Gifting is designed to help enrich the lives of all people, including those with special needs. Folks can register for sensory toys, enrichment camps, adaptive bikes, or other items that aren’t typically covered by insurance. The group funded gift is attached to the Pozvat invitation so desired gifts can be requested in a positive and celebratory environment.

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