What does “Pozvat” mean?

Pozvat means “invite” in the Czech language. With that, the founder is paying homage to her family heritage.

Are Pozvat invitations free to use?

Our invitations, Group Funded Gifting, and thank you cards are all FREE for party hosts to use!

Can I create an invitation without adding group funded gifts?

Nope, our Group Funded Gifting is the heart and soul of Pozvat. In fact, it’s our vision to make gifting simple, because giving gifts is one of the best ways to spread love, joy, and happiness.

Do I have to add all my gifts right away?

No, but when it comes time to do so, you must add at least one gift to proceed to the next step. Also, you may add to or edit your gift list at any time.

Does Pozvat buy the gifts I request?

We do not. Our Group Funded Gifting works similar to a funding website — you, or the recipient of your choice, will receive gift contributions to purchase the gifts requested.

What if the event I’m hosting isn’t for me and I want the gift contributions to go to the Guest of Honor?

We’ve made this simple by allowing you to add a unique recipient for each event you host. Before you proceed to add the first gift, you will be asked if you or a recipient of your choice will be withdrawing the contributions. To send the contributions to a recipient, you will need their name and email address for verification. Once the recipient verifies their account, they will be given sole access to the gift contributions for this event. PLEASE NOTE: The person who is selected to withdraw the contributions can never be changed — so please choose someone you like.

How do I get the gift contributions?

Pozvat uses WePay to securely process gift contributions. After the Host creates an event, the selected recipient will receive an email from WePay to confirm the account. After confirmation, the recipient is good-to-go to withdraw the contributions. Learn more.

What are the requirements to withdraw the gift contributions?

The person selected to withdraw the contributions must:
1. Be a US citizen at least 18 years of age
2. Provide a valid US Social Security Number "SSN"
3. Have a US mailing address, phone number, and bank account

What happens if all the gifts get fulfilled?

After all the gifts are fulfilled, we automatically add a Wish Fund to allow guests to continue to contribute. These additional funds can be used by the recipient however they see fit, like to help cover tax, shipping, and/or any other last minute expenses. You’re welcome!

Is there a limit to how much money can be contributed to the Wish Fund?

The sky’s the limit!

How long can guests contribute to gifts?

The group funded gifts can accept contributions until noon the day after the event.

Do I need to send a thank you card?

This is optional. But that being said, you wouldn’t want to upset Emily Post, would you?

How does Pozvat make money?

We keep it simple and charge an 8% service fee for the gifts that are funded. A portion goes to our processor WePay and the remaining amount allows us to keep the lights on. We know fees are a drag, so we offer the option to group fund the service fee by adding it to the price of each gift (rounding up to the nearest dollar).

SOS! I’m lost. / I need help! / have questions not covered here. What do I do?

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